50g  Smoked salmon, butter, lemon, toast   90,-

70g  Smoked sprats with butter and lemon   60,-

50g  Olives with Fetta cheese and chilli   40,-

50g  Prawn cocktail, lemon, toast   110,-

50g  Garnished egg „Mimosa“   40,-

200g  Cheese platter   90,- Kč

200g  Cold-buffet platter   90,- Kč




French Consommé   25,- Kč

Royal soup with meat, home-made noodles  25,- Kč




NIÇOISE salad   100,- Kč

Tuna, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, egg, olives

ROUSSILLON salad   95,- Kč

Bacon, lettuce, egg, onion, croutons

Burgundy salad   95,- Kč

Roquefort cheese, lettuce, onion, cucumber

Basque salad   95,- Kč

Chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, egg

Bretagne salad   110,- Kč

Prawns, lettuce, cucumber, tomato




100g  Vogéz-style omelette   50,- Kč

100g  Ham and eggs   70,- Kč

2pc  English toast with bacon   50,- Kč

2pc  Parma toast with ham and cheese   50,- Kč





200g  TRICOLORA   149,- Kč

Beef and pork tenderloin, chicken breast

200g  Italian kebab   149,-

Pork tenderloin, ham, English bacon

200g  Greek-style pork steak   159,-

Pork tenderloin, bacon, tomato, cheese, olives

200g  Pork medallions with mushrooms   149,- Kč

Pork tenderloin, cream, mushrooms

200g  Czar´s partridges   139,- Kč

Pork tenderloin stuffed with English bacon and onion



300g   Judges´s duck   179,-

Roast leg of duck with sauerkraut and white-bread dumplings

200g   Farmer´s roast pork   149,- Kč

Roast  neck of pork with sauerkraut and white-bread dumplings

200g   Smoked pork with onion sauce   139,- Kč

Roasted smoked neck of pork with onion sauce and white-bread dumplings



( As you like itrare, medium, well-done )

300g  Entrecóte Rumpsteak   179,-

With choice of saucesblack pepper, chilli, French – à 15,- Kč

200g  English beefsteak   190,- Kč

200g  Pfeffersteak with cream sauce   190,- Kč

200g  Alfred Hitchcock´s beefsteak   190,- Kč

200g  Beef mignon with American sauce   169,- Kč

200g  Beef Stroganoff   169,- Kč


200g  Pork steak with ham and camembert cheese   110,- Kč

200g  Pork steak with pineapple and cheese   96,- Kč

200g  Pork steak with game spices  96,- Kč

200g  Viennese schnitzel, gherkin, lemon   99,-

150g  Pork ratatouille   99,- Kč





From chicken breast

200g Pouch of chicken breast stuffed with crab meat  99,- Kč

200g  Fried chicken nuggets, lemon   96,-

200g  Chicken steak with American sauce   96,- Kč

200g  Chicken tournedos with oranges   96,- Kč

200g  Chicken steak with peach and almonds   99,- Kč

200g  Grilled chicken breast   86,- Kč

200g  Chicken Kiev stuffed with butter and herbs   99,- Kč


From turkey breast

200g  Fillet of turkey „Á la a Périgord“   106,-

200g  Burgundy turkey medallions   106,- Kč

200g  Grilled turkey steak with butter   96,-

200g  Californian fried turkey nuggets   106,- Kč




200g  Trout SALON - DE - PROVANCE   90,- Kč

200g  Miller´s trout  90,- Kč

200g  Grilled trout with butter   90,- Kč

200g  Canadian salmon steak   139,-

200g  Fried fish fillet, gherkin, lemon   80,-

200g  Grilled fish fillet with butter   80,- Kč

150g  Fried crab pincers   80,- Kč


( We charge 4,- Kč for each extra 10g of whole fish )




150g  Sautéed chicken fillet with butter   86,- Kč

150g  Fried Czech camembert cheese with ham   86,-

150g  Fried edam cheese   80,- Kč

200g  Carot sautéed on butter   60,- Kč







400g  CHATEAUBRIAND   380,-

Beef sirloin, asparagus


300g  CORDON BLEU   280,-

Pork tenderloin stuffed with ham and roquefort cheese


300g  Emperor Rudolf´s chicken breast   180,- Kč

Marinated chicken breast, white wine, thyme, lemon


300g  Italian-style chicken breast   180,- Kč

Chicken breast, tomato, peppers, mushrooms, wine, garlic




200g  Sautéed venison medallions   239,- Kč

Venison tenderloin, cranberries, game spices


200g  Fallow deer medallions with apples   249,- Kč

Fallow deer tenderloin, white wine, apples, game spices


200g  Burgundian TOURNEDOS   249,- Kč

Fallow deer tenderloin, mushrooms, red wine, game spices


200g  FILLET MIGNON with mushrooms   240,- Kč

Venison tenderloin, mushrooms, red wine, game spices




PRINCE pancake   60,- Kč

Ice-cream, fruit, egg liquer, chocolate, whipped cream







Chinese black egg   60,- Kč


70g  LIANNG - BAN-ŤI-S   45,- Kč

chicken hen with spicy sauce


EG-FO egg in soya sauce   35,- Kč




150g  Tchang cchu po - luo chuoťi   99,- Kč

Turkey with pineapple in sweet and sour sauce


150g  La - ć t´i ting   99,-

Chicken with onion and red pepper


150g  Kušikacu (Japan)   99,-

Pork with leek on a skewer


150g  Suan miao t´i s´  99,- Kč

Strips of chicken with garlic


150g  ŠVEJ – ČU – ŽOU    99,- Kč

Pork, white cabbagehot!!!


150g  siang žou  110,- Kč

Pork with vegetables and black  mushrooms


250g  Cantonese trout   130,- Kč

silver mushrooms, cantonese sauce



Chinese salad   45,- Kč



50g  Prawn crackers   20,- Kč


Tomato salad with onion   40,- Kč

Cucumber salad   40,- Kč

Cabagge salad Modřice   35,-

Mixed vegetable salad   45,- Kč

Mixed salad with fetta cheese   50,- Kč

Greek salad with olives and cheese   50,- Kč



Pancake with fruit and whipped cream   45,- Kč

Pancake with ice-cream and whipped cream   45,- Kč

Coffins“ - baked meringue 30,- Kč

( with whipped cream and chocolate )  

Sautéed apples in caramel   50,- Kč

Pears „Helen of Troy   40,- Kč



Cup of  ice-cream and fruit   40,- Kč

Cup of ice-cream LIBUŠE   50,-

Ice-cream, strawberries, whipped cream, cherry brandy, chocolate

Cup of ice-cream MELBA   50,- Kč

Ice-cream, peach, egg liquer, whipped cream



200g  Boiled or roasted potatoes   20,- Kč

150g  Fried potato chips or croquettes   20,- Kč

150g  American potatoes   20,- Kč

150g  Rice   20,-

150g  Sautéed vegetables   35,- Kč

50g  Potato pancake   7,- Kč

Extra sauces and ingredients (ketchup, soya, etc.)   15,- Kč

1pc  Bread   3,- Kč


When required we will prepare half-size portions for 70% of stated price